The Itabom was founded in Itapuí-SP, on September 29, 1986, however, to tell its history, we have to make a trip back in time, exactly in 1912.

That was the year the Douradense Railway Station built a branch in Itapuí linking the towns of Jau and Dourado. The station was named “Bica de Pedra”, as well as the city was known at the time. In 1949 the Douradense was bought by “Companhia Paulista”, however, a few years later, in 1964 the extension of the city was closed. Disabling was followed by an abandonment, serving only to housing 12 families, totaling more than 72 children, living in subhuman conditions, lacking electricity, sewage service and running water.

The businessman Pedro Luiz Poli, son of Itapuí, in order to provide improvements in his hometown, bought the land and with it, took responsibility for all families.

In 1986 he demolished the old station and relocated those families to another property where he had built new houses. The intention was not only to remove people, but also to collaborate with the insertion of those families back to the community.
Through social responsibility Itabom was founded and continues today alive the history that gave rise to one of the most reputable companies in the national poultry.

From this trajectory and the immeasurable respect throughout the production process to the consumer, the company's slogan emerged: Healthy Life, Happy Life!

Itabom believes that this is not just a slogan, but the reason for its existence.