The Feed Factory is located in Itapuí city, countryside of São Paulo state and was created with purpose of maintain the quality of Itabom products since the initial stage until the final stage of feeding the birds.

The factory has computerized equipment, silos for storage a large amounts of grain and a team of qualified professionals (veterinarians and nutritionists) who are dedicated to produce an adequate and high quality cereal-based ration.

All raw material is analyzed in its own laboratories and is based on the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices Manual (GMP).

The Feed Factory also has its own and specialized team of field technicians who are responsible to guide, train and empower integrated’s company.

In addition, all bulk trucks are subjected to a sanitary control , thereby ensuring more security throughout the supply process .

With all this professional involvement , production quality and highly trained professional, Itabom guaranteed to produce healthier birds and partners committed to the company's values.

This is the reason that the Feed Factory remains among the best rates of feed ranking .