Project Itabom of Ball and School

The Project “Itabom of Ball and School”, founded in 10/09/2005, currently attends around 150 children ages 7 through 16 years. Students are divided into three categories: Mirim, Dentinho and Tooth Milk.

The project consists in filling the vacant time of children (as opposed to the period of school) with soccer lessons, preventing them to follow the path of marginality .

Besides encouraging children to get good grades, discipline and good behavior, another objective is to improve their school performance and their behavior in society .

These actions are part of the citizenship construction process through soccer, which is through recognition and respect for the rules, individual differences (fight against prejudice), the expansion of awareness of rights and duties, as well as for the confidence in the potential transformation of each.

Documents are generated, called the presence and activity reports, and every two weeks the project coordinator visits the participating schools of each child and asks the progress report provided by the same.

The children have all necessary equipment (cleats, balls, uniforms, training materials to the teachers). Juice, milk and snacks are also offered every day, plus transportation (round trip) to the training area.

The Project provides children's participation in tournaments, competitions, lectures by professionals players, as well as educationl lectures, cultural trips and commemorative celebrations.