Preservation Areas

In partnership with the Non Governamental Organization “Bica de Pedra”, Itabom preserves the springs, streams and rivers that feed the Tiete river.

Itabom contribute also to the reforestation of native forests and maintenance of water sources in the region.

An example of this action is the acquisition of 120,000 m² of Tiete-Parana waterway shores - one of the last fragments of county’s natural vegetation, with more than 80 species of native tree and threatened species.

This fragment corresponds to 70% of Itapuí vegetation and was donated to the NGO Bica de Pedra for maintenance and monitoring.

Itabom promotes along with NGO Bica de Pedra and schools from Itapui, initiatives for reforestation, aiming the inclusion of Itapuí’s children and adolescents through awareness campaigns about the importance of preserving the environment.
The partnership with the NGO Bica de Pedra allowed the plantation of over 35,000 native trees in the county of Itapuí and on the Tiete-Parana waterway shores This reforestation is part of the Itabom permanent preservation area.