Effluent Treatment

As necessary as preserve and restore the environment is not pollute it. For this reason Itabom invested over three million reais in processes and equipment for effluent treatment.

After slaughter, everything that is not edible food is processed into pet food by Flour and Oil Factory. No by-product is thrown away, everything is transformed.

Thereby Itabom achieves optimum utilization of production and also prevents pollution of nature. Not only the company uses the by-products, but also treats and clean up all water and gases resulting from slaughtering processes and flour and oil production.

The company has a biological filter for cleaning the gases resulting from the production of pet feed. This process ensures that the gases return to nature without polluting it. To clean water, Itabom has a equipment called “Flotador” and three Treatment Lagoons.

The Flotador is a device that separates oil from water by micro-bubble action. The separated water is transformed into oil fat which is also used in the pet industry.

After separating the by-products and fat, the water is referred to three Treatment Lagoons that occupy an area of one hectare. After going through this process the water is returned to the municipal sewer respecting the applicable laws.